Mental Health

January 9, 2021

Stayed away from news today (outside of bathroom radio NPR and a wee bit of headline reading as I scrolled through email and FB). I understand the world did not descend further into horrific drama, and this being the weekend, it seems that maybe Congress is doing most of its next-step-planning offline.

Random shots on the day:

Took myself for a walk this afternoon… my self-imposed mental health order.

It was very pretty out there and tons of other folks, too, shaking off the creepies from the last few days and especially enjoying a non-fog, non-overcast day.

I made myself not only sit down to my jigsaw puzzle, but made a new spotify channel that I then cranked up and sang loudly while fitting pieces of fern and granite into my Yosemite scene. I’d picked some Boz Scaggs songs and, wow, forgot how much I love so many of his song. Hadda get up and dance to Lido.. like nobody’s business. It was exhilarating.

I’d given blood yesterday so I was a pint down. I usually don’t notice it, but today felt sort of draggy. For fun… here are my post blood draw snacks. Wish it were donuts… which reminds me… I’d decided last time that from then on, I’d go to Fluffy Donuts following all my blood donations! I totally forgot. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow.

And… not that I can find any humor in anything about our current soul-crushing news, here are some memes to remind me later of the one good thing that has come out of this week (oh, besides WINNING TWO SENATE SEATS IN GEORGIA AND FLIPPING THE SENATE BLUE AND ENDING MITCH MCCONNELL’S REIGN OF TERROR) — Trump’s social media blackout. Took his fave toys away and now he’s all pissy.

Plus.. humor may boost our mental health just a wee..

The other good thing that happened today: de-Christmassed the house. Tree out, decorations and assorted holiday paraphernalia all back in their boxes. Later than usual, but so glad to have it done. Ready for summer now.

And finally, just because I am in love with this picture… this bird! This is perfect blue (seriously, I love this color) .. I could look at this all day… so peaceful and simple.

Photo credit: my kindergarten buddy Chuck.