Another Week…

January 4, 2021

… another election, another assault on our democracy, another jaw dropping case of elected officials continuing to stand by this guy.

The two Senate run–off elections tomorrow in Georgia will determine the balance of power in the Senate for Biden’s first two years as President. It makes a huge difference for his legislative goals. It’s close — they say. But there’s a chance Dems can even things out with two wins… so it’s well worth the time to do all we can to help the two democratic candidates win. We worked like crazy on “close” Senate races in the months before the November election and were nearly shut out across the board. Super painful. I feel like Charlie Brown and the football.. but ya gotta go for broke, right? I’m back to making calls. So tedious. But it’s the right thing to do. Two more hours in the morning… and that’s it.

And, also in Georgia, Trump’s up to this:

And this is going to play out the next day. Congress will or won’t affirm the electoral college certified votes. Most will, some won’t. The stories tonight are all about how even pretending it is legitimate to question the results will normalize the behavior and while it won’t work this time, don’t bet on the next time around. The future of democracy is in peril. He’s killing us.

All in a week’s work.