January 8, 2021

I am too distressed to write, as it turns out. I can actually feel the anxiety. Planning a news break tomorrow — television news anyway.

Such uncharted territory. President subverting the results of election, fomenting an insurrection. Riots, insurgency. Bombs and weapons found in vans parked near the Capitol. Chants of hanging Pence or shooting Pelosi. Mobs so thick they moved in dangerous, pressed waves through the halls of the Capitol on their way to a joint session of Congress. Break in military chain of command on the deployment of National Guard. 25th Amendment. The need for safeguards on nuclear assets. A second impeachment. McConnell and Graham are now traitors. The conspiracy-driven nut cases are trying to make us think the rioters are Antifa. They also believe Trump’s softer-toned speech yesterday was a deep fake. Twitter suspends his account/s, as do Facebook and Instagram. Bannon’s YouTube channel shut down. Five people have died. And still, well over a hundred congress folks — even after the riots sent them into hiding for hours because people, falsely believing the election had been rigged by democrats, wanted to do them harm — voted not to accept the results from two states, believing somehow that Biden’s win is illegitimate.. again validating the anarchists’ actions. And still, a poll shows 73% of republicans support the “president” … today. After all this.

They say more violence is to come.

We have a president who is inviting the violence, who doesn’t care about the country. He’s not conceding.

I am so distressed.