Impeached Again

January 13, 2021

As I write this, I’m listening to John Garamendi in an online town hall. Over 1000 people in attendance. He’s answering questions about today’s impeachment. Can’t say I’m learning anything new — having listened most of the day to the hearing and the endless analysis that followed — but I appreciate hearing from our congressman tonight..so fresh off this most historic vote by the House.

(I didn’t write about this last week, but it bears mentioning that on the very evening of the very day the Capitol was stormed by Trump-incited insurgents — exactly one week ago — Congressman G attended our monthly Sister District meeting as our special guest. He had to excuse himself from the Senate floor where the certification of the Electoral College results was taking place in a joint session of Congress (after, of course, being interrupted for hours while congress members and their staffs were spirited to safety in undisclosed locations). He was in the middle of a world-record-historic deliberation & vote and still made time to talk to us! Seventy three of us Davis activists were on that call and he spent about 15 minutes with us. Incredible. I’ll add a photo below of that, too.) (Speaks volumes of his regard and respect for us, which is impressive and flattering.)

This is what the House was considering today .. a vote on a simple 3-page resolution, summed up thusly:

And.. the outcome of today’s historic vote — the first time in history that a US president has been impeached twice during his tenure (a limited tenure at that, as he’s a one-term loser of a president). Also, the most bi-partisan vote to charge a president with a crime ever. Look at all those republicans. Of course, it should have been unanimous as his guilt is unquestioned.


And.. here is a pic from one week ago… the day of the insurrection.. and Cong. Garamendi attending our little ol’ meeting! Garmendi’s the one with the mask on (because he’s sitting outside in a hallway where other folks are likely walking around).

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