January 15, 2021

The biggest news of the day may have been the spit test Jim and I took. Results to follow. First spit test. Past covid tests have included 1 swab and 4-5 antibody tests (per blood donation protocols). We mix very little with other people, so more frequent tests is not really warranted. But it’s easy enough to do, esp as it’s across the street at the Senior Center and you can actually reserve a time.

Still. Don’t expect to do too many more of these between now and vaccination time. Hurry up, vaccinations!


Anyway… no pictures today, so I’m going back to a January 15th long ago — 2006. Here are a couple of cute ones of Peter (of course) at 7 1/2:

I think the quarters had something to with this….

Thanks, Tooth Fairy!

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