September 27, 2020

I’ve made it known to the universe that Jim and I shall be remaining on this earth to see our grandkids journey off to college (no rush, Peter, you just keep doing what you’re doing).

But until we have grandkids to dote upon, we have two grand nieces and a grand nephew.

Alexis calls River and Magnolia Irish twins. I had to look that up and found that it can be thought of as derogatory (by Irish folks), but it refers to siblings that are less than a year apart… and have a particularly close bond.

Yeah… I’d say so:

Here’s a sweet one. Looks like they’re at the doctor’s office…

And here are a couple individual shots. Alexis’s photos are just magic. She is the Norman Rockwell of cell phone photography.

This one really needed to be in color….

Juniper deserves her own entry on another day…

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