Driveway Moments

September 26, 2020

Socializing in 2020.

Well, this was lovely: A call yesterday morning from Sarah, saying she and Gabe would be passing by Davis on their way home from Napa… and wouldn’t it be nice to hang out for a bit?


We ended up sitting there, on the driveway, at distance, well past the setting sun, into the land of the night-time rainbow.

Okay, not really into the land of the night-time rainbow.. I’m not that poetic. But Sarah is! Land of the night-time rainbow is a reference to the book she wrote, illustrated and published as a Covid project. We all need pandemic projects–some people make hammock stands and coffee tables; some people start cooking again after 20 years (80 new recipes, and counting); and some write children’s books.

Here’s Sarah’s:

This is a sweet story she told to her kids each night, adapting it to reflect the day’s events, big and small. And twenty-five-plus years later ….

The book’s got that Sarah flare.. colorful felt art, poked and shaped into illustrations:

Here’s a closer-up… so you can see the detail of the work:

So, so creative, that girl.

The book was a bonus gift. The best part was actually hanging out, drinking wine on a warm fall evening, and talking with friends we hadn’t seen in nearly a year. Like normal people.

Even if it was on the driveway.

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