Hell Hole

September 7, 2020

I try not to dwell in my blog on So.. Much.. Negative.. there is so much right now. But I fear that if somebody dropped down from space and read my blog (just go with me here), they might think that life is all hunky dory, and that all I do is cook and muse happily about Peter.

Those things are true. All things considered, Jim and I have it relatively easy. Life isn’t all that hunky dory, but we’re not struggling. This has to do with stage of life, no kiddos at home, no work to report to, little in the way of health stresses and money worries. And, indeed, Peter’s in a rarified space in his young life, and seizing the moment.. so, yeah, pretty happy about that. (Deeply happy.)

But lest we forget the hell hole we’re [all] in.. here’s a pic of my phone from yesterday:


I mean, really:

  • Almost three weeks of fires and smoky, unhealthy, brown air. Been inside for most of that time.
  • Temperatures breaking all kinds of records.. here in Davis, under 108 or so, but in Woodland Hills it was 121 today (I texted Kath). That’s insane.
  • Winds coming up tomorrow that will either clear out some smoky air or fan the flames, or both. I’m extremely anxious about that.
  • Pandemic day #179. Nothing more need be said, except it seems like it’ll never end as long as Trump’s in office. And speaking of which…
  • Election stress of the highest order. He must be voted out.

So.. yeah. 

For the record, though I’ll talk about it more later, Ruben’s back and landscaping has begun again. Jim and I looked at walls around town over the weekend and it now seems like it’s actually possible we will have a front and back yard again.