Gad Zooks

September 11, 2020

Okay.. what that is, is a plate of really fabulous zucchini.

You brown, at a fairly high heat, a bunch of zucchini, cut in half, one side and then the next. While that operation is going on, you toast freshly ground pepper until it gives off a great smell, then add butter which will foam up and then subside, and when it does, you add a lot of grated parmesan. Before that mixture gets too clumpy, you spoon it over those browned zuccs and toss a bunch of mint (or basil, your choice) on top. Eat.

Wowzer. It was good.

Which we served with this….

… which looks a fright, but was pretty good. Boneless skinless thighs, marinated in grated ginger, lime zest, salt, pepper and…. mayo — yes, mayo — then grilled (which is where things got a bit dicey.. Jim needed to oil the grill, he thinks).

We both gave both dishes four stars. Chalk up another success for me.

We also had some end of summer nectarines. Nice dinner.