The First to Hit 50

September 5, 2020

Teri and Chad are the first (by orders of magnitude) among our generation of Frame sibs and cousins to reach 50 years of marriage. Jim and I, for example, just a few years behind them in age, will be celebrating our 24th anniversary this year. Helps to get married at 20… and not 43, if you’re looking to hit the big numbers!

I made a little slide show.. really little — only four photos… here are two of them.

And here’s what we looked like, the whole lot of us.

We actually talked for nearly two hours! Teri, Chad, Brian, Amy, Jim, Kari, Peter, Marty, Marie, Mark, Monica, Dror, Ben, Nina, John, Maita, Matthew, Dean, Mary, George, Cece, and Alan.. who showed up about 1:40 minutes in (he thought it was next weekend)!

Covered a lot of territory, a lot of years, so many stories (it’s a Frame gathering, after all!).

They met in a chemistry class at Piedmont High School and got married while in college (UCD, UC Berkeley). Theirs is a story of respect and devotion. And life-long love. Happy happy anniversary Teri and Chad.