Just a Little Zoom Humor

September 24, 2020

I need a bit of levity tonight…

I saw this t-shirt and laughed right out loud. Every day, every Zoom call.. there’s always someone (sometimes me!) whose mouth is moving, but no sound.. because: they’re on mute. It’s just hilarious. (You gotta be there…)

And speaking of Zoom: it’s just plain our way of life. Every day, in every way, Zoom. Everything’s remote… meetings, school, parties, celebrations, funerals, tutorials. Probably really weird shit, too, but I don’t even wanna go there.

This picture also made me smile. It’s part of an NPR story about a CNN interview with this climate scientist.

It’s worth zooming in on (so to speak) to catch all the detail in the photo on the right. Also hilarious.