September 29, 2020

It was a big day in the political world… the first of three debates in the 2020 presidential race. Biden v trump. A presidential debate should be a monumental event in any presidential race, but it’s especially so this time around because, you know, the results of this election will determine whether our democracy survives: it’s the election of our lifetime, everyone agrees. Not being dramatic.

As important as this should have been, it was instead just an embarrassment. It ended literally four hours ago, and the pundits over on CNN are still pulling their hair out. Between the debate and its pre and post shows, I’m a little O.D.’d.

I’ll say this, though: It was disturbing on every level. The president* was his usual nauseating self. He came arrogantly unprepared. His team told him to be aggressive (I guess) and interrupt at every moment to keep Biden off balance (or something). Who knows. Didn’t work. He was disruptive. But he was also dangerous, provocative (inciting, more like), ignorant, rude, racist, dishonest… his usual fare. Ugly ugly ugly.

I’ll leave the rest to those who’ll write some delicious articles for tomorrow.

I’ll take some credit for my blog title though. My funny play on words: trump’s performance was aimed squarely at his people, it was all for de base… his base. And I’m sure they loved it. He also debased the office, as he routinely does. Every day, in every way. And… debase is almost like a typo of debate, which this post is about. Clever, huh?

At least the consensus was that he lost:

It won’t matter. He lost all the debates to Hil, too. I’m not allowing myself to feel optimistic about a massive blowout. Because: 2016. But the polls and commentary were at least validating.