Two Food Stories

September 13, 2020

First one:

Our beloved Sunday brunch. Jim’s become our pandemic Sunday brunch chef. Today, he went the egg route.

While lovely, none of that is blog worthy. But turns out it was a funny plate of scrambled eggs. He decided to clear the refrigerator of the week’s accumulated miscellany and put what he thought was some chopped basil into his scramble. Turns out, it was mint. So we ended up with … minty eggs. Edible. But maybe not repeatable.

Second one:

And then we sorta made a sad observation.

We, everyone, the whole blippin’ northern hemisphere have missed out on summer, what with this pandemic and its limits on where we could go and what we could do.

But I think maybe we salvaged a little something from that sadness by realizing that the pandemic also made way for a whole nuther level of cooking. We’ve developed this whole new practice around meal planning, shopping, cooking and consuming. We always ate pretty well — not taking anything away from Jim and his two decades of being top chef in the house! He’s a natural. But with every single meal of the day–day in and day out–happening now at home, we got a whole new thing going on. We’ll see if we sustain it as we return (if we ever do) to dining out for at least half of our meals (maybe even more).

Until then, we’re adapting quite comfortably to this rhythm. And we realized that we did, in fact, experience a pretty great summer … through our food. Food was it.. that was our summer. I’ve posted a ridiculous number of photos of our meals, I realize. But: pandemic. Not much else going on.

Nearing the end of summer bounty:

Mostly leftovers… that mayo chicken, miso rice w/ cabbage, arroz verde (all from different dinners), plus zucchini, tomatoes, peaches, pears…

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