Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign

September 12, 2020

I assembled twenty signs and distributed them around town for the local Community College Board of Trustees race.. Kelly’s campaign.

Here’s one in its natural habitat…

I was also promoted to phone bank trainer today. Not really… it’s not a position one gets promoted to. If you’ve done as much phone banking as I have, it’s more like an obligation. The truth is, as we enter the final two months of the election season, people are coming out of the woodwork to do something. Nobody wants to see a repeat of 2016, and nobody could live with themselves if we find ourselves on the losing end of a close race and they didn’t do all they could to get us over the finish line. Nobody’s taking this one for granted. So… where we used to have 6 or 8 people in a phone bank, now we have 25-30, and we’re doing five phone banks a week! And a huge number of these guys are new.. which takes a lot of hand holding.

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