Village People

August 24, 2016


Matt came to dinner tonight. He made tri-tip rubbed in coffee grounds. Oh me oh my. I’m not much of a tri-tip person, but that coffee ground thing… wow.

Matt is like our MVP. Not only does he handle all the administrative stuff–insurance, bills, house maintenance, pharmaceuticals, doctor visits–but he is the go-to guy for general ongoing counseling and consultation. Mom depends on his calm wisdom and convincing pep talks throughout the day and night. And, AND … he cooks. He comes over at least a couple times per week and makes mom these great dinners that then serve as leftovers for days to come. While here, he plays gin rummy.

I am not worthy. But I do my best.

(Kidding of course. I’m pretty good a good percentage of the time.)

Chris’ part includes being here most nights (unless I’m here) and entertaining mom with his wit and smarts. In that regard, he’s in a class by himself. Plus, he makes amazing smoothies.

We get Jay when he returns for prolonged visits from his home in Thailand. Nobody’s kinder nor gentler.

That is our immediate village.


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