Area Code

August 10, 2016


I’ve heard about this so-called Area Code tournament for a few years. Knew it involved some of the best high school baseball players in the country. Knew it was played in Long Beach each year.

Didn’t know it was held at Big/Little Rec (at Blair Field). Didn’t know Eric and Matty did the food for it!

I was excited that it was happening this week and that I could get away for a few hours to check it out, and super excited to learn that one of Peter’s teammates was selected for the 31-man roster representing the team from Northern California.


So.. I headed over.

Here’re Matt and Eric, serving up hot dogs, beer, and exceptional customer service:


This is a shot of the scoreboard. If you look carefully, you’ll see Legends is a field sponsor. Matt tells me they are soon to replace Bryson Financial Group as a major field sponsor:


Here’s a shot of Ryan coming up to the plate:


Here’s Ryan’s mom Angie and me… doing what we love best.. watching baseball:


Ryan will be one to watch.