FRAMEr’s Market

August 6, 2016

Still goofing around with dumb titles. This one suggests I’m back among the Frame boys (oh YAY!) and, as it’s Saturday, Jim and I went to the Farmers’ Market.

I know.

But wow it’s nice to be home and insanely nice to see Jim and Peter.

Woke up in my own bed, luxuriated in our Saturday morning market ritual, took care of some niggly business, did laundry, got a pedicure, had dinner with Janet… nice, nice, nice.

A couple pics on the day:

Evidence that Peter can, if motivated, wash stuff:


And will ya look at this… after, what, maybe two years, the area around the giant oak in Central Park was finally finished (after that horrible fire and deck vandalism).

IMG_4534 (1).jpg

I can’t say I quite understand the concept here… but I’m glad it’s in. I’m sure we’ll all figure it out.