Kickin’ Ass for 45 Years

August 20, 2016

This photo is a bit of false advertising:


It’s Sherry dancing up a storm wearing a shirt from the 40th reunion…even though we were celebrating Piedmont High School’s 45th. Everybody could do the math.

Otherwise, it was a fun night at a ranch in the Oakland hills with lots of food, drink and dancing. Their class is lucky to have a phenomenal band–of course everyone thinks that of their high school band–that rocked the house (the core band members were also kindergarten classmates). At times, there were more musicians on stage than dancers on the dance floor .. that was pretty funny. Missed a photo of that.. but here’s this one:


I don’t know anyone in the photo. And I have to say, I really like going to parties where I’m not expected to know anyone. Talk about no stress.  I just wore a name tag that said, “Jim Frame’s wife,” and felt totally fine sitting by myself (only at times) on a hay bale watching everyone acting silly (as you do at a reunion with your favorite high school band, reliving your silly high school past).  Great fun.

Here’s Jim and Dee Dee:


I am actually getting to know some of Jim’s classmates (thanks to Facebook and these reunions). A pretty nice bunch.