Wednesday at TorMed

August 3, 2016

Today was a big “come off the vent” day. Any time you remove a life sustaining machine, there is concern about dependency. Mom passed the test with flying colors. Big step, big victory. She’s a champ.

On the home front, we’re taking care of some business. Today: freezer repair. Nothing more to say about that.

Did I mention, Torrance Memorial just finished a mega million dollar addition to its campus.. the new state-of-the-art Lunquist Tower. (Did I also mention, absolutely every building, every room, every everything is named after somebody? Good heavens but there are a lot of wealthy people who desire their names on hospital architecture.) (And yeah, that’s a good thing.)


In case you ever find yourself spending a lot of time at Torrance Memorial, I recommend you visit the new cafeteria, go straight to the custom pizza and flatbread counter, order up your favorite veggies and cheeses, then take it out to the peace garden for a quiet and tasty repast.

IMG_4526 (1)