August 27, 2016

I have been gone most of August and have missed most of this…

Peter, for whom this is his last official summer at home, has been playing golf pretty much every day (minus the two-day failed attempt at summiting Mt. Shasta). Lots and lots of golf. Golf with Ray, Seb, Dan, Dylan, sometimes Solly, and bunches of guys I don’t even know.

Jim says he’s been getting up early for near-dawn tee times. Yes, before the sun’s even come up. Peter. Out of bed. Dressed. On his way to a golf course somewhere–Davis, a surrounding city… he even went with three other friends on an overnight golf junket to Monterey.

Lots of golf.

By late afternoon, he’s whipped. Jim has texted me a nice series of Peter crashing in the late afternoon after early morning golf photos. 


I have loved these photos.


Flog is golf spelled backward…