August 13, 2016

Releasing folks from the hospital is a tricky business. Their goal is to make sure you don’t come back, at least not with the same thing you originally went in with–reflects poorly on their care and ultimately on their professional reputation and business ratings.

A person must jump through a lot of hoops in order to get released. In my mom’s case, this meant: being clear of the original infection (staph in her lungs); being clear of the infection she developed while there (UTI); proving she could eat regular food without aspirating; walking around on her own; and, generally, functioning normally (for her) and having acceptable vitals.

She was darn close today; they were ready to give her the boot, and we mighta fled the scene, but for the fact Matt, Chris and I needed just one more day to settle on her at-home care people. She used the extra day to fortify and get some good exercise!


Note: you’ll never see her use a walker outside the hospital. Ever.


And, just so I can remember good places to eat for future reference, here’s where Betsy and I dined tonight… they’re open late (mostly because it’s a bar) and offer very adequate dinner-like fare.


We split an open-face salmon sandwich and a really good wedge salad with bleu cheese and a thick slab of bacon across the top. And vino. No pics.





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