Yoyo to Yolo

August 5, 2016

It’s Friday… been hanging at the hospital all week. Since going in on Monday, mom’s been bed-bound, intubated twice (and heavily sedated), had three bronchoscopies, and is being treated for staph. So between the initial respiratory failure, brought on by the pneumonia, resulting in a collapsed lung… just oh my. Quite a week and still looking for a path to release… which doesn’t seem imminent.

Seemed a good time to return to Davis, see my guys, replenish, regroup and then return with stuff for a longer stay.

Sure haven’t been taking pictures, and the ones I’ve been taking at the hospital don’t seem right to post… so here’s my dinner… back at the Rock ‘n Brews at LAX, this time for a cheesy quesadilla and cheap white wine. Trying to stay engaged with Jonathan Franzen’s Purity… am really enjoying it… but having a hard time, believe it or not, finding time and psychic space to read.

Also… the Olympics in Rio opened tonight.. (with an hours-long ceremony that makes me wonder if Olympic opening ceremonies have jumped the shark). So I had half an eye on that while also trying to read… just not really happening.




(Title’s dumb, right?)

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