Remembering Annita

May 27, 2016


Jim’s Aunt Annita died on April 18 at the age of 92. I wrote about her here, when she went into Piedmont Gardens a year and a half ago. Her passing was very peaceful and she was comfortable, though I’m not sure she was very aware of much. We all felt like we’d said our good-byes long ago.

The service was today and it felt so wonderful to gather with everyone and celebrate her. She was a devout catholic so there were elements in the service–called a committal service–that were important to include.  The chapel was filled with many non and former catholics and I thought the priest did a great job of honoring her faith, and still making it meaningful for those remembering her.

Here’s the chapel:


Here is our whole group:


She was cremated and her box was buried way up the hill, right next to her mom and older sister (Jim’s mom Sonia):


Here’s her husband, Uncle Dean, at the gravesite:


Teresa and Chad:


The John Frames:


My guys:


We went back to Monica and Dror’s following the service. Here are a few family shots:

Her grandkids: Matthew, Dean, Peter and Ben (unable to come: Maia and Brian):


Her two daughters, Marie and Monica, with Peter and Ben in foreground:


Teresa, Marsue, Alan, Marty:


Dror and John:


Jim and his siblings:


And one I particularly like of Ben and Peter.. cousins and friends:


RIP, Annita. We love you.









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