Hot Dog!

May 26, 2016

Moving right along….

Popped this in the mail today:


That is Peter’s dorm and meal plan application/contract thingie. Had I not had a chance encounter with the mom of another UCSC-bound freshman at the food coop the other night, I’d have never known we were up against a May 25th deadline for getting this application in, the failure of which would have meant no on-campus housing for the first year.

Thank you Ruth. Thank you universe.

Let’s just say the flood of end-of-year paperwork is substantial and keeping up with the logistics of graduating from one institution, while applying to, registering for, and enrolling in another, is a lot of balls to keep in the air. On top of grad party(ies) planning, 18th birthday planning, baseball season wrap up, grad night committee work, graduation trip planning, summer vacation planning…

have I whined about this already? Probably.

No place I’d rather be.


And then there was a little of this, a little later in the day:


Waited here this afternoon, while Peter tried on his fancy new, freshly tailored blue suit. The sales associate at Nordstrom told me the style was modern and fashionable, perfect for a college-bound man–narrower cut than traditional, some prominent stitching on the lapels, discreetly placed band of color (purple, actually) beneath the collar… all designed with hip young adults in mind.

Good job, Jim and Peter.

This made for a fun and interesting Sac excursion with the boy.


And a final pair of photos:

Peter’s dinner dog…


…which I thought he did a nice job of decorating… er… condimenting.

And mine:


I was in an unadulterated mood.

It was my second hot dog of the week, though, so I’m pretty satisfied.