The DHS Varsity Baseball team’s back in a nice little winning streak. We beat Monterey Trail twice (19-1 and 8-1) to take the series, which is no accomplishment whatsoever–they just don’t have much of a baseball program–and we are now, officially 19-3. Our national and state rankings are still way, way up there, but not in the top ten, and certainly not #1, like it was a few weeks ago. But hey. Twenty-three wins and only three losses (this includes our preseason scrimmages) is still damn impressive!

Here are a couple shots from this afternoon down in Elk Grove:

This is Hunter’s little brother who embodies every Norman Rockwell theme ever. Sitting in that chair, he couldn’t see over the backstop, so he found a crack through which he could watch the big guys play.

Terrible resolution because I was sitting in the top row of the bleachers and had to zoom way in… but I still like the image.


And here’s the team on the long walk back to the parking lot:


All in a day’s work.