May 13, 2016


Everything about this drawing appeals to me. The perspective, the tenderness, the comfort, the simplicity.

It was drawn by Tsui, a friend of Jim’s and mine for about twenty years. Her talents seriously know no bounds, and they come wrapped in the most modest, understated, unassuming package ever. She is a whole nuther category of humble, a person who works very hard at not drawing attention to herself.

Her artistic expression is always a joy to behold. Her poetry is observant and playful, her photography always un-flashy, yet stunning. She quietly observes her world and you can almost see her amused, satisfied smile in her art, no matter the medium.

In looking at this drawing just now, I see the date is May, 1998. I considered that as my first mother’s day–it was about a month before Peter was born and I was bursting at the seams with mom feelings. May 9 is also my mom’s birthday. Of course I didn’t even know Tsui back then and neither has anything to do with her sweet drawing, but it makes me love the piece even more.