Walked into the kitchen this early morning, to see this perfect pepper just sitting on the counter–intended for, but left out of, last night’s dinner?



These days, you know, one is always close to one’s image capturing device–in my case, iPhone’s cradled in my hand as I made the rounds from bedroom to kitchen. It’s the modern way.

Anyway, walk in kitchen, see pepper, so, naturally, I circumnavigated, and here’s what else I got…

(…and as I performed my 360, I applied different filters… the above shot in Dreamstate, because it’s early and I just got up and didn’t have my contacts in yet).


Some HDR to get the most out of the detail and color inside the room (and out), and apparently, the imperfections in the butcher block:


Forget…maybe Madison Ave, just for classic, still-life effect:


Tail Fins, to emphasize the sunbeams:


The subject, itself:


Like a drone:


Not as perfect as I initially thought… iPhone’s impressive macro setting:



And voila–maybe a lifeofwry world record–my blog is done for the day!