Yolo Surrounds

May 25, 2016

For a day spent largely buried in Grad Night Committee planning, I’m surprised at how many great pictures I got. (Yolo County did all the work.. I just had to pull over and shoot.)

Out at about the intersection of Roads 29 and 99:


It was just so pretty, I had to stop and take pictures in multiple directions:


Even my car looks great in front of a yet-to-be-planted field…IMG_3023

And coming home, this is around the corner from us.. just some nice tall yellow flowers I couldn’t resist:




There was one funny thing that happened while holed up in my office today… this:


That is about 50 senior citizens walking down the middle of street, lead by the Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh, playing a rousing rendition of White Rabbit. Yep, not kidding. It’s the annual celebration of fitness month. (I’m telling you… our place across the street from the Senior Center is going to come in very handy one of these days!)