Three Part Harmony

May 29, 2016

I pretty much ate my way through this day. Started with brunch at Bernardo’s with Jim, a regular thing. Within an hour of getting home, took off again to join Janet for lunch (and may I say the salad bar at Whole Foods is amazing). Within an hour of returning, took off again for late afternoon wine and apps with Frances… took a bunch of food and wine over to the park across the street and sat under a tree, which was cool and pleasant on this 90 degree day. Then headed over to the I-House for sort of an open mic concert, at which they served desserts and I apparently hadn’t had enough to eat today, so I got a large brownie.

What in the world is wrong with me?

I’m a good eater.

This was the concert…


Five-Three-Oh. They sing 60s oldies and also perform a bunch of their own stuff.  I’ve heard them numerous times and always enjoy their energy. They have great chemistry and always come across as people who enjoy one another and enjoy singing and performing together. My favorite tonight was a song called, I think, Once in a Very Blue Moon. Nancy Griffith performs it, though I’m not sure she wrote it. In any case, Michael Ann sounded great singing it.


Peter submitted his Statement of Intent to Register at UCSD tonight. I’m impressed and pleased.