As Seen..

May 15, 2016

.. on a lovely spring weekend in Davis…

Walking downtown to Farmer’s Market yesterday, this is the Central Park garden in full & charming wildflower bloom. So in love with this, I can hardly stand it:


Ran into Nugget to pick up some to-go dinner to take to Janet’s house; was moved by the sunset and the view through the parking lot:


Shot out the window on our way to Janet’s… the sunset over North Davis was so pretty:


Same sky, just shot a little more over my shoulder to the north, with some added HDR effect:


Shot this morning on way home from breakfast with Peter and Jim..had never seen this sculpture before — it’s huge, near corner of 1st and E:



In more productive news:

Took advantage of an unexpected break from baseball this weekend to address a number of items on the anxiety list: made serious progress on Grad Night committee work; finalized dates/times/venues for family graduation celebrations for Peter; designed graduation announcements and invitations (taking to Kinkos shortly); helped Peter set up–at long last–a functioning bank account and deposit (this morning) birthday and Christmas checks dating back to 2013 (please don’t judge us.. and do keep your fingers crossed); nudged Peter to register for his Santa Cruz orientation; and helped him pull together his thoughts on reaching out to a UCSC physics professor, a contact facilitated by our friend Wes.

Learned yesterday that Peter was accepted into his first choice college at Santa Cruz: Stevenson. It’s the east-most of the ten campus colleges, up on the hill, with a sweeping view of the Monterey Bay and Pacific Ocean beyond. It’s a short run down the hill to the spectacular East Field, site of most (all?) of UCSC’s recreational facilities. It seems not too far from the student union, if that’s a thing, and Quarry Plaza & Bookstore. If there is a central hub (not certain there is), that might be it.

Next step: meal plans, dormitory assignments.

That sound you hear is me breathing just a little bit easier for progress made on all those fronts.  It’s like that sculpture above… breathing calmly, feeling more peaceful with every item checked off the list….



2 Responses to “As Seen..”

  1. Michael Ann Says:

    I have never seen that sculpture either! ?? Is it new? Wild. That is the BEST feeling, getting things done that are weighing on your shoulders. Go Kari!

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