Mom in the Middle

May 8, 2016

A very neat thing happened today, but I’m going to write about it tomorrow.

Today, because it’s Mother’s Day, I’m just going to post pictures… a few that make me happy to be Peter’s mom and one to honor my own mama.

This is Peter today. We’re having brunch at the Magpie Cafe, having just finished up the thing I’m going to write about tomorrow–an event at Raley Field.

I think he is such a handsome fellow:


Here are the three of us back at Raley Field after brunch to watch about 5 innings of a Rivercats game:


He’s so much more serious these days! But growing up, he was a total goofball. This is what 90% of his kid pictures look like:


…and of course he’s got a stick, or some other instrument of destruction:


But even a goofball has his tender moments:


…or a funny secret to let me in on:

154-5464_IMGLove him so.

And because Mother’s Day goes both ways… here’s one I particularly like of my mom and me:


I have this one on the wall above my desk. It is a gentle reminder that parental love is pretty much universal. The love I feel for Peter–so intense it makes me ache–is probably the same love my mom feels for me.  I don’t always believe it.. but I think it might be true.





2 Responses to “Mom in the Middle”

  1. Michael Ann Says:

    Ok, thanks for making me tear up first thing in the morning! These are great photos. The “ache” of parental love. Truly. And as we get older we do realize, oh, this is how my parents feel about ME. I wonder how it is for them, alone in their own lives as we scurry about the business of ours, as they sit and think about our younger years and how things were when we were young.

    • Kari Says:

      I just can’t imagine what this next phase is like… but, man, all these other parents are doing it, including OUR OWN. Looking for the manual.


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