Praying for No Rain

May 6, 2016

This is the view from the 10th floor of the Hilton Garden Hotel in Emeryville on a Friday afternoon. Eastbound 80’s a bit impacted with pre-weekend commute traffic and storm clouds are looming.


Tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain, we are to play for the championship of the Boras Baseball Classic over at UC Berkeley’s Evans Stadium. In March, Davis had won the Northern division and earned a spot in the game to determine “state champion.” I wrote about that tournament here. 

The winner of the Southern division was Mira Costa High School of Manhattan Beach. They now have a 22-5 record (ours is 19-5).

CIF doesn’t have a true state championship… California’s too big, or something.. they divide us into North and South, always have (I remember back in 1974, competing for a “state” title, but in fact, it was just for the southern half of the state.) So these Boras folks decided they’d create one. They have the connections and chops to do it.. and did.

Anyway… this is all very exciting.

Tonight, both teams are going to be hosted by tournament organizers in this hotel, while we parents dine elsewhere. As it should be. Their deal.

Here’s a pic… all dressed up and looking good:


Top row, from left: Mason, Daniel, Griffin, Hunter, Ryan B, Max, Pierce (behind), Gabe, Sean, Tyler M, Reed.

Bottom row, from left: Ian, Tyler G, James, Peter, John (front), Solly, Ryan K, Eton, Ray, Ryan H.




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