Trumped Again

May 3, 2016

As of today, it looks like that narcissistic blowhard reality TV show host who brags about his sexual conquests, plays fast and loose with facts, behaves like a petulant adolescent, and whips his supporters into frenzies by stoking their fears of people who are different, is going to be the one to represent the former Grand Old Party in the upcoming presidential election.

Unless something wild and unpredictable happens, he’s actually going to be running for PRESIDENT of the United States. We are going to have to deal with this sad, undeveloped man for another six months.

I couldn’t believe it would happen. It did. I can’t believe he will win. He won’t. He’ll have a hard time finding a sane running mate, for one thing, so good luck with that. He’s also failed, at least so far, to convince anyone with even the tiniest bit of grey matter that he can magically transform into someone who is presidential… like it’s simply a character you might assume, as in a play. Idiot line of the campaign, “I’ll be so presidential you won’t believe it, you’ll get bored I’ll be so presidential.” 

What is he, 8?

And just who does he think we are? Idiots who would buy it?


He has no business being in this race. This is a bad joke that nobody took seriously and now look. It’s a messy mess that nobody wants.. they are now stuck with a major liability. They can’t rebuild their party as long as he’s got them by the tail. The smart ones will take the very long view, let this one go, make sure nobody currently sitting in seats gets any of this muck on them, take to the back rooms where they can reinvent themselves and wait out this tsunami of a shit storm. Anybody with hopes for a role in the future of their party will put as much distance as they can between themselves and Mr. Goofball. He will lose this election, and when the media finally stops obsessing over him, and people come to their senses, the politicians who tried to hitch their wagons to his will look just ridiculous. And unelectable.

But we have six months of some really ugly stuff to get through first.

Oh, yeah, did I mention Trump won Indiana? I think by a lot, which forced that sleezeball Cruz to–quote, suspend, unquote–his smarmy campaign. Not before a bunch of ridiculous and desperate last ditch hail Marys to try and salvage his chances at the convention, though.  Ugh. Can you please just go away now Ted?

On the other side of the house, Bernie won Indiana this evening. Not sure what that means. I’m not displeased, but I’m a bit dubious that this goes much further. Has he earned the right to continue? Of course. Has he generated great gobs of enthusiasm among voters old and especially young and inspired millions to believe that we can begin to address the fundamental corruption that has profoundly undermined our democracy? Yup. Has he reframed the debate and moved the party leftward by shining a big bright light on an ugly underbelly and informed us that most modern nations serve their citizens better than we serve ours and that a more humane quality of life and a more civil society are possible? Totally, and I’m so hugely grateful.

I still think Hillary’s got this one, but her vision and priorities have shifted, thanks to Bern.

So.. anyway, I imagine this guy’s happy today:




2 Responses to “Trumped Again”

  1. Keep testifying! Your frame is right on. Although I’ll be glad if Bernie somehow leads the ticket. Will miss Obama no matter which one wins.

    • Kari Says:

      I shall miss President Obama, as well. It will be so interesting to see what he and his family do after all this is over. Eager to watch the kids, and especially Michelle.

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