February 28, 2016

It was a pictureless day, in spite of worthy subjects. For example, Davis’ Old North was just aburst (that should be a word) in color from flower beds spilling over sidewalks, mounds of yellow sour grass crowded around sycamore trunks, and trees popping pink and white blossoms all over the place. After brunch and before driving down to Pleasanton, I decided I had to show Jay how luscious and charming Davis can be in on a sunny day in late February. He was impressed (or polite) and agreed it was lovely. This neighborhood in the spring just makes my heart soar. I’m serious.

For another example, Aunt Joy’s fabulous chili with many bowls of fabulous fresh embellishments. T’was truly fabulous.

The hills on the drive down to Aunt Joy’s were their usual springtime luscious green. My friend Bev wrote on her blog that the deep velvety color lasts about an hour and half, so it’s good to enjoy it while you can. I borrowed a picture she took… hoping that’s okay!

Image 3-1-16 at 12.05 AM

Between those hills, the verdant marsh, the blooming orchards, the sparkling delta and towering peaks of Mt. Diablo… well… it was all just stunning.

Nice afternoon, too, with Aunt Joy.. lots of talking and catching up. She served up all kinds of wonderful things to eat (ie., the aforementioned chili) and we even watched the Oscars.

I left Jay there to spend some extra time with Aunt Joy, and drove home on the late-ish side.



2 Responses to “Joy”

  1. Bev Says:

    Lol. I saw that pic and thought “that looks like where I was photographing!” At least I recognized it! (Glad you liked it)

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