Back in the Saddle

February 14, 2016

Oh… I just hardly know where to start.

I’m back.

I’ve never been gone, but I’ve been so flummoxed by my new laptop (a Macbook Pro)… and its new operating system (El Capitan)… and its new photo management application (Photos)… and all of its problems (not backwards compatible with the previous photo management application), that I just wasn’t able to manage blogging and photo uploading, and I just got behinder and behinder. Which took a lot of wind out of my sails.

But today, I am ridiculously happy to report, I am back. It’s a red letter day not only because it’s Valentine’s Day, but because I was finally able to upload 59,000+ photos to my computer (69,000+ if you count those which have been edited in some way), and actually see them, and actually access them, edit them, and upload them to WordPress. This is all thanks to my team: Jim, Gil, two Apple Care gals, one Apple senior advisor, two Apple Genius Bar guys, the Carbonite gal and the universe. Long story. I’ll spare ya.

I am going to back blog the last couple of months where it makes sense (a lot has been going on that I would like to document, obsessive documentarian that I am), but for today, I will just blog like nothing ever happened.

Today, as I said, it’s┬áValentine’s Day. It’s an easy one to blog!

I’ll just launch right in here with this pretty little scene from this morning:


Thanks for the flowers, Jim!

And for dinner….

Pizza #1 for Jim and me: Village Pizza crust, pesto, red and yellow peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, tomato, cheddar:


Pizza #2 for Peter: same crust, ham, pineapple, olives, tomato, mozzarella:


And these for dessert: shortbread dipped, or covered, in dark chocolate:


What an exceptional day.

Kisses, flowers, chocolate, hearts, love and functioning software to you all!