Beating the Bushes

February 23, 2016


It just gets weirder and weirder, doesn’t it?  I guess it’s no surprise, after a string of such poor showings, that Jeb! would drop out of the running, but I sure didn’t think the race for the republican nomination would be so upside down and that the formerly-considered presumptive nominee would become such a total non-player. People are throwing around the figure $100,000,000, as in, that’s how much he’s spent to date–on two primaries and two caucuses.. though technically he dropped out before today’s Nevada caucus–to get exactly nowhere. 

He brought out the big guns last week in South Carolina, too–his brother and his 90+ year old mum (desperate times call for…)–to absolutely no effect. Wow.

In a family of presidents, he drew the short straw. And with that, the Bush dynasty has come to an end.

I thought this poster was sort of sad and sweet in a way (well, and very funny). I admit to feeling a little sorry for Jeb and nostalgic for the republican party of old. I never thought I’d hear myself say, “Holy cow, Jeb Bush is sounding like the most sane and reasonable guy on that debate stage!”  If I were a republican in 2016, I’d be grateful for Jeb. It’s not that I support anything that he stands for, but at least he’s not jumping off the cliff of reason as spectacularly as all the others.

I’d actually probably support Kasich… you know, if I were a republican. Which, good lord almighty, I certainly am not. I’m no libertarian, but I even thought Rand Paul made more sense than most of them. But no… I’m happy happy happy that I can call myself a democrat, especially this year, in what has been the most bizarre and disgusting display of bad manners and shockingly provocative politics ever.

Primaries are always kind of a circus.  Maybe things will settle down in the general, when adults are back in the room.

I go back and forth between having faith that a majority of republicans will put their big boy pants on and reject Trump’s histrionics… and feeling like nope, it’s come to this, Fox has succeeded in whipping up the conservative base into a frothy mess of angry, fearful anti-anything-Obama voters who think Trump (TRUMP!) is some kind of savior.  They get what they deserve.

And it’s sure looking to me like he’s gonna be their guy.

It may mean a lot more election-related writing, or exactly the opposite because I can’t stand what our country’s become. We shall see.