This is what I’m talking about:


A real live family member is getting to see Peter play baseball. (That’s Jay in the middle, as people were arriving and settling in for a pair of games out at Jesuit today.) And not a moment too soon… as this is Peter’s final season of baseball (as I may have mentioned a thousand times before). Because we are up here in Northern California and most of our family is far away, almost nobody from either the Frame side or Peterson side has ever seen Peter play. Aunt Joy made it to a game down in San Jose last summer, which was grand, and that may be it! There is a chance that during Peter’s Little League years, somebody was in town for some game, but for the most part nobody’s seen an inning.

Nobody’s fault. Just the way it is.

However, today Jay got to see a fantastic double header–DHS v. Jesuit, and DHS v. Granite Bay. We won both games handily (we are now 4 and 0). The boys played solidly–lots of hits, great pitching, tight defense. As I said, a perfect day for some great baseball.

Of all the family, Jay is definitely the baseball fan I value most… since he actually played baseball, coulda/shoulda been a youth baseball star, and really knows the game. Peter pitched three innings in the first game and Jay was there to appreciate every nuance.  It was a great outing. It’s fair to say this is absolutely the last opportunity Jay (or anybody) will have, so I’m glad he threw strikes, didn’t give up any runs and made a super crisp pickoff move for a dramatic inning-ending out… the duo of Frame-Henrickson; they are perfect. The whole thing was most excellent.

This is the view from the terraces… (Jesuit has such a nice stadium)… Peter on the mound:


Hard to beat that.

Well, unless you have puppies. Tobin and Tara brought their eight-week old ridgeback (forget the full name of the breed). They make dramatic-looking adult dogs.. and extremely cute puppies:

IMG_2208 (1)

Sweet, huh?