Stormy Weather

February 18, 2016

I thought you might like to see this picture. It’s not mine, though I wish I’d seen the Grapevine when it was covered in this much snow:


It’s a truly stunning picture of a part of I-5 that just never looks like that.

Jim, Peter and I did drive through the Grapevine over the holidays and did get a wee bit of snow:

snow on grapevine (1)

Which was, while less spectacular, stunning in its own right.

I share because I know Southern California got some weather the past couple of days and that is welcome news.


In other stormy news: I quit my job today. Yes I did.

There are a few reasons, but the primary one is time. Entering what will be a very busy half year ahead with baseball; Peter’s final year of high school; Grad Night planning; graduation activities; college-related visits/orientations/moves; ┬ámom visits; summer trips; editing; writing; projects; body repair & maintenance; friends; life.

Who’s got the time to work?

That’s mainly why.

I actually committed to staying on another couple of months to assist on a big upcoming project, but still: I gave my notice, and that is noteworthy.