Not Bad for a Monday

February 15, 2016

Nothing can be wrong with a February day that hits 79 degrees.

Met Susan and Heidi for lunch down on R Street…. I know, again with R Street. Our intention had been to eat at the Metro Kitchen (and Drinkery) because I said it was great, and it is, but it was also closed, this being a holiday, I guess. So instead, we wandered down to the Fox and Goose for English food. Hadn’t been there for a few decades. It did the trick.

We covered a lot of political territory. These guys are fun to hang with during election season, especially the WorLd-wReStliNg-FedeRatiOn-cLoWn-Car-ciRCuS-oF-tHe-AbsUrd that this season has become. We gave the Scalia matter a full, if somewhat biased, analysis. I doubt anyone will consult us, but it’s clear between the three of us, we know what’s best for the country.

I ran across a quote this evening that complements our conversation well:

Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organization of hatreds. -Henry Adams, historian and teacher (16 Feb 1838-1918)


Anyway, some pictures on the day…

The District:


(I messed with the filters a little, trying to give the scene a bit of old-timey-ness, ¬†and it came out looking broody and overcast, which it certainly wasn’t.)

The Warehouse Artist Lofts, which are quite wonderful:


Some art within… (this is a piece–well, two pieces–that Sarah did and which, if it’s still available, I would like to buy… I just like it). It’s smaller than it looks:


Some shots on the way home… Road 29:





Ended the day drinking wine in the garden with Dianna, for something new and different. Toasted the imminent start of baseball season. T minus 5 days!