First Day of the Last Season

February 20, 2016

And wasn’t it nice that it was Peter who got to be the guy to start things off. First pitcher in the first game of the 2016 season, his final season.

Scorekeeper says that first pitch was a ball. But what does she know.

Mom and dad thought he looked great.


And ya know?… it was pretty fun to look out there today and see Peter, Daniel, Ray, Solly, James, Mason, Gabe…

They’ve come a long way together.


Cold hard facts:

On this day, I wore a tank top, flannel shirt, pile vest, down sweater and arctic-grade down parka. When that didn’t work, I climbed under Dianna’s thick, heavy, fuzzy blanket. I was still freezing. After a double header sitting in the windy, cold metal bleachers, I came home and slunked into a very hot bath to thaw. I didn’t break a sweat until after about 30 minutes (had to keep draining and adding hot water to maintain a sufficiently hot water temp). What the heck is that about?

Other hard facts:

Today’s outing was a double header. First game against Pioneer: Peter, Ray, Holgate and Gib pitched. Nothing super notable except UCLA-bound Ryan Kreidler went 3 for 4 with three RBI’s and the team won 12-2, sometimes terminating innings early because we were racking up too many runs. Decisive.

The second game was against Rocklin’s Whitney HS: Mort, Bell, Danny and Eton pitched. Nothing too exceptional unless you count Griffin’s double to deep center field that cleared our loaded bases. We won that game 10-1.

The team looked good. And big.Not even too rusty.

Nice way to start off the year, all around.