Behind the Scenes

February 22, 2016

Behind every great baseball player is a closet full of baseball paraphernalia. I just can’t tell you what it takes to keep a high school baseball player in a clean uniform. Honest to god, every day it’s a new ensemble, even if they’re just practicing. That’s pants, shirt, socks and sliders that get worn then dropped in the basket for washing nearly every single day of the season. For game days, add a jersey. The hat, belt and cleats are recycled everyday–dusty and sweaty as they may be.

And while he favors one worn and dirty glove, he’s got about seven of them scattered about. And balls, lots and lots of balls.

And we got off easy. As a pitcher-only, there are no longer any bats or batting gloves. The catcher’s gear he once owned has long been given away. Peter’s not a gear head, so no arm bands, wristbands, necklaces, post-game shoes or special jackets. He doesn’t even wear sunglasses.

At the risk of really (really) getting in trouble, here is the baseball closet of a certain Blue Devil:


Shirts on the left, then jerseys, then pants–white, white with blue piping, grey, grey with blue piping, grey pinstripes…

Behind and on the wall, nails for about fifteen belts, though he only wears blue now. Below, a shelf for sliders and cups (he forgoes the cups these days… definitely not cool), and below that socks.. dozens of socks, but, again, only the blue ones get worn. That white basket up on the top shelf has many dozens of hats, but his DHS Blue Devil hats are the only ones in circulation and hang on hooks in various other places.

And giving credit where credit is due, Jim does all the laundry.

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