One Down…

November 20, 2015

…. a bunch more to go.  But: ONE DOWN! 

College app, that is. Peter walked into my office a few minutes ago, ever so casually….

Him:     “Mom.”

Me:        “Yeah?”

Him:      “Applied to college.”

Me:         “Wow! You did it! Just NOW? Great! High Five!!”

Then lots of smiles and high fives. And maybe just a teeny tiny bit of whooping at a very high volume.

The first was a Cal State University… Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Deadline is November 30. The UC app is also due November 30, and that’s a big deal for him, but he’s still got some details to wrap up for that one, and will likely finish it while we’re on the road… somewhere down in Florida.

After that comes a whole slew of others.. another one or two in California, some others on the west coast, some in the middle and some on the east side. Those deadlines are later and we’ll have to figure out how many really make sense to spend time and application fees on.

But at least he got one in! This process has loomed large for a long time.

As it all winds down, we shall see a huge reduction in our mail!


That bulging basket contains many hundreds of glossy brochures, postcards, and letters… from colleges and universities all over the country–the bane of high school juniors and seniors everywhere. As soon as you take a college entrance exam, like the SAT or ACT, you get inundated with solicitations. So. Many. Solicitations… a very small fraction of which ever gets opened. Just kept throwing them in the basket…

Crazy business this college thing.



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