A Commuter’s Photo Essay

November 12, 2015

Because it’s all I got….  shots from my commute.

Or the What I Did With My Phone When I Wasn’t Playing Spider to Pass the Time series.

So, first, there’s this.  Now, I’m a great enjoyer of regular massages (therapeutic, of course), but I just can’t quite get over this hump. Airport terminal massages… no can do. She, however, has no such hump to overcome and seems to be enjoying the hell out of it.


I think there’s a life lesson in there somewhere…..

Moving on.

Being mid November, my late afternoon/early evening departure is now a sunset flight. Here’s a shot of twilight on the tarmac:


And because I can’t help myself–loving patterns as I do–a shot of velvety brown fields in transition:


(It was getting dark, so this is what happens when you add light that just isn’t there.)

Here is what the light really looked like, looking east toward the Sierra:


Then, it was just very dark outside, so in the glow of cabin lights, with my free glass of chardonnay, I played Spider for an hour (and won my game, finally). Enjoyed myself immensely up there in the fast-moving, thankfully-insulated tube, flying high above the state I love so much.

Entered the LA basin, and it got all glittery and exciting. Always wonder what each and every person’s experience is down there in his/her own little universe. So weird being god.


(Really need a better camera.)

I took lots of photos from the taxi, just because that’s fun, but nothing really came out. I did finally get a shot of the LAX sign, though it was blurry, too, so I tricked it up some:


I know.. yawn.

I asked my mom if she’d make that beef stew thing again, and ohmylord she did and holy cow (literally), it was explosively rich in its flavors, just like last time. Beef, onions and potatoes, coated in crusty garlic and herbs, in a deep wine broth..  frightfully good. Those are separately sauteed mushrooms on the side.


Beef stew for breakfast anyone?

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