It’s The Small Things

November 10, 2015

It’s the small things, Part 1:

I love the loveliness of a small touch, one that adds sweetness to the ordinary.. my cafe au lait this morning with a nice foamy flower:


And I so enjoyed that sweet small thing in the glow of sun streaming through the windows of Mishka’s… I’m such a sucker for streaks of streaming sun.


It’s the small things, Part 2:

This was actually yesterday, but the photo is also shot at Mishka’s, so I’m including it.

As I’d gotten up from the acupuncturist’s table yesterday morning, I’d sensed that perhaps not all the needles had come out… but when I couldn’t find one sticking out of my leg anywhere, I concluded it was my imagination….until I got out of my car downtown and felt something sharp poking my other leg. Unusually, a needle had, in fact, been left in. It dislodged itself as I’d gotten dressed and evidently got caught up in my clothes. Somehow, I guess, it shifted around as I drove until it found a nice place to re-lodge itself, which I didn’t feel until I stood up again and began to walk.

Sharp little bugger, too.

I found a bench, worked it out of my leg and down to an opening in my pants, where I could reach in and grab it. At which point I got my first-ever view of one of those acupuncture needles; I’d never had the nerve to look while being stuck. They are quite long! (About 3 1/2 inches..)

I think they may be spring loaded so that, when tapped, they launch themselves from their little plastic casings (I have seen those) with force sufficient to lodge deep beneath the surface of your skin. Just a guess… but seems plausible, ya?


The small and delicate things!

One Response to “It’s The Small Things”

  1. […] The needle I found sticking out of my leg yesterday while walking downtown was a very long one.  He’s been using the long ones on me because he’s sticking them into my butt (well, hip… but for acupuncture purposes, the hip is buried within the butt). […]

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