To Sir with Love

November 6, 2015

Ended an already lovely day with an incredibly enjoyable evening at the Odd Fellows Hall. I wish I’d clued into this sooner, but hope I won’t miss many more of these…. free concerts on the first Thursdays of the month put on by the IOOF (International Order of…).  Indeed, that’s what mailing lists are for… so added myself and will look forward to the next one.

Tonight’s featured two groups of overlapping musicians.  The first was The Cups–Tracy Walton, Chris Webster (of Mumbo Gumbo fame), Kathy Elzey and guitarist Tom Phillips. Mostly 30s-40s music, harmonies so lyrical, so incredibly lush and smooth. Maybe favorite song, probably because I knew it well but hadn’t heard it in decades, “Yellow Bird.” Here’s the rendition I remember (Kingston Trio): 

But even better were Webster, Walton and Edwards (Bill).


The harmonies were also there..lots of songs from their CD, which I’ve nearly worn a hole through, and love, and lots of other songs from the Mumbo Gumbo songbook. Fantastic. AND, Chris sang a version of To Sir With Love (Lulu, remember?). I felt totally silly being brought to tears, but there it is.

Fortunately they moved into some rockin’ and bluesy and folksy numbers, so I could just return to my good, general toe tappin’.

So happy.

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