Shooting Saturday

May 30, 2015

Justa buncha shots from a pleasant Saturday:

Standing under the canopy of the giant Oak in Central Park, waiting for Carrie–our plan was to walk and have breakfast–watching people at Farmer’s Market dance and play music and eat stuff. Over at that display table: folks from the City are showing the latest design concepts for the former Oak tree deck area. One day, this will be more of a plaza with increased seating, a more formal stage and low rocks for climbing/sitting on. There will, however, be no seating adjacent to the tree; the city arborist is calling for about a 12′ buffer zone around the tree, enclosed with a decorative fence, to keep people from getting too close and endangering this heritage oak.


A walk down by the creek in the Arboretum…  this looks more like we’re on the bayou… a lot of the green in this photo is actually the water in Putah Creek–very pond-scummy today. The trees are hanging low and it’s hard to distinguish water from leaves. Plus it was a bit muggy this morning…so yeah, bayouish:


Further down the creek, we ran across the horse-drawn-wagon club (I couldn’t quite make out the banner on their wagon), learning how to negotiate train tracks in their horse drawn wagon. Really. The things people train for…


Some aMAZEing artwork (maybe you’re tired of my not so punny words lately?). This is part of a small public art project to use some of the City’s utility boxes as artists’ canvases… this one at the corner of B and 5th:


Late this afternoon, drove down to Laurel Creek Park in Fairfield for a 7:00pm American Legion game.

You get off on North Texas and you’re immediately blown away by some gorgeous hills. Even the gas station is in a surreally beautiful setting:


Before the game started, we made our usual run to the closest Starbucks. Saw this and thought it was a funny juxtaposition:


Get it? McDonald’s is now hiring… a dead end if there ever was one. Ha.

Yarborough Field is immaculately maintained and nestles in the hills. It was warm with gentle breezes. Hard to imagine a nicer place to be:


Peter got to open for the team’s first game of the summer season. This is not Peter’s primary team this summer, but it was a nice opportunity to get some innings in before the varsity team’s season officially opens next week. A handful of the varsity squad was there. I thought he pitched pretty well. So nice to see him throw. Made the evening even more heavenly.


He did three innings, Ray did three, and Tyler G closed. They all did well and got the win, 6-4. Peter said it was this team’s first win in fourteen visits to that park. The jinx is off.

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