Oh, The Mundanities

May 8, 2015

Flying to LAX from SMF has become a robotic affair. There are dozens of components to this particular trip…

booking the flight


getting to the airport

checking in

checking luggage


getting to the gate

Etc, etc, etc… and after about maybe 100 flights to LA in my 37 years of living here, I’ve kind of got it down (there have been a lot more trips between Davis and PV, but often I drive).

I enjoy things like flying for the same reason I enjoyed waitressing… it’s a challenge to manage and achieve mastery over all the many parts. Yes, mastery. (ThinkĀ Up in the Air with George Clooney.)

But just because I’m an ace at this stuff, doesn’t mean it always goes smoothly.

There’s the free airport wi-fi that I struggle with every time:


I never did manage to get online at the Sac airport this time.

I hate that.

And there’s the luggage that sometimesĀ doesn’t come…IMG_6394

… though eventually, it did.

And in the end, flying to LA nets you about two hours over driving, if all goes smoothly. Seriously.. about two hours.

Still…it’s flying.