All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.

-George Harrison

When you Google cake quotes you get some pretty random stuff.  I don’t really know what George was trying to say, exactly, but I picked this quote because tonight’s birthday celebrant is a 60’s rocker–particularly the Rolling Stones–and if I couldn’t find a Mick Jagger quote, George Harrison seemed the next best thing.

Here are some cake shots–we had two different kinds..


Here’s a close up of cake #1–it was a layered chocolate, vanilla, strawberry cake:


Then, #2 was a chocolate cake with M&Ms atop:


The M&Ms were Monica’s addition to a [not so] ordinary, plain chocolate cake. Good idea, M!


Marie’s 60th was a subtle if duly celebrated affair. Hers opens the floodgates for other cousins turning 60 in the coming year… up next: Marty, Dror, then … me.