Soccer Revisited

May 6, 2015

Don’t fall off your chair. I went to a soccer game today.

Outside of the one season when the five-year-old version of Peter played soccer for the inextinguishable Blue Flames–the first game of which he took a hard-kicked ball to the face–I have not seen a soccer game played in its entirety. Ever. As in never ever.

Once that Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad AYSO fall season was over (it wasn’t really that bad), that was it for soccer. By spring, Peter was whacking away at a ball mounted on a rubber tee. Baseball stole our hearts and none of us ever looked back.

But today… TODAY, the Davis High School varsity women’s soccer team had its first game of the postseason. These guys are pretty good–I believe they’re ranked #1 in the playoff tournament, and they have some crazy high national ranking. So the fans were out in force…and I was among them.

Here’s evidence:


To my left, and filling me in on absolutely every play, is Dianna, who also provided chairs and that fluffy blue blanket. Go Blue Devils! 

Dianna… she grew up in Davis, so knows everybody, and she’s a teacher at Holmes, so knows everybody else. It’s pretty hilarious to be at a sporting event with her, one that is crawling with students and parents. It’s definitely like sitting with a celeb.

To her left was practically the entire men’s letterman contingent… or at least a respectable percentage of the varsity baseball team (two of whom have little sisters who are stars on the soccer team and another couple of whom have girlfriends who play). And there were members of the cheer squad and some more guys, and some more gals.

I may have had a wee bit more interest in what was happening in the high octane group to the left, more so than what was going on in front of me, but couldn’t really look; that would have been weird.

So I watched these guys literally cream their opponents (Davis is in white):


Little blurry from zooming in, but this is Julia, sophomore star forward and little sister of Nate the varsity short stop. I’m not sure how many goals she had today, but it was a lot. Very impressive.

Here is one of them…


When the clock finally ran out, Davis had scored 14 goals to Edison’s 0.

Dianna tells me this is a highly unusual soccer score.  All those goals, all those open players, all those un-challeged passes… that never happens.

Glad I went. So exciting, distraction to the left of Dianna notwithstanding. I can see myself going again.