Because I don’t speak french, I got the words Je suis and Je suit mixed up today. We played this afternoon at Jesuit High School in Carmichael and for much of the game I had je suis rolling around in my head, thinking maybe that was how the word Jesuit was really supposed to be pronounced. I was pretty sure je suis means I am and I was wondering why they called their school I Am… even as I knew it had nothing at all to do with the words I am, and everything to do with some branch of the Catholic church..

Oh nevermind. This isn’t going anywhere. It’s just what I was thinking at odd moments this afternoon and tonight it gives me a blog title, even if it’s a reach.

Bottom line, we played at Jesuit today. It was a wonderful afternoon and a fantastic win. Davis ended up sweeping the two-game series–completely unexpected–against one of the strongest teams in the region. I am so happy for their fifth straight win and especially their clinching a spot in the playoffs–no matter how they do in next week’s final two games of the season. How sweet is that? No wonder je suis happy!

Coach Ariola used six Davis pitchers (nearly the entire pitching staff) to get the job done.. none did especially well, but Dan was masterful in knowing exactly when to pull each one. Our offense was hitting like crazy (ten hits!) and their defense was sloppy (five errors) which was a winning combo. It’s baseball… whatever it takes.

A couple shots:

Warming up…


The beautiful terraced stands in the shade on a day that reached the mid-90s (sure that’s some kind of record).. and a buncha parents hanging out before the game started….


And… as we came out of a Sacramento restaurant after a mellow but fun post game dinner, looked up to see the moon and a palm on a very warm evening and realized summer is near…